What really matters about teacher education at Cathedrals Group universities

The NICER project, What really matters about teacher education at Cathedrals Group universities, sought to understand better how teacher education staff, partnership schools student teachers perceived their teacher education institutions and programmes including specific reference to the Institution’s Christian foundation.

The data was collected between November 2016 and January 2018.


The National Institute of Christian Education Research at Canterbury Christ Church University led the research project. The project took place over two years with a pilot and qualitative phase and a quantitative phase.

  1. To investigate why ITE trainees choose Christian foundation university teacher training programmes
  2. To investigate why schools choose Christian foundation universities as training programme partners
  3. To investigate what Christian foundation universities claim is particular to their Christian foundation, what is particularly or deeply Christian about their ITE provision
  4. To investigate what Christian foundation universities, ITE trainees and partnership schools claim about ITE trainees at the point of qualification, that is particular to the institutions’ Christian foundation.

Altogether, schools, students and university teacher educators from 5 universities were involved in both the quantitative and qualitative phases of the project:

  • Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Chester University
  • Chichester University
  • St Mary’s University
  • Leeds Trinity University
  • In addition, Bishop Grosseteste University participated in the quantitative phase of the project.