Faith in the Nexus

How do church primary schools facilitate opportunities for children’s exploration of faith and spiritual life in the home?

The Faith in the Nexus research project has identified the fruitful ways in which twenty church primary schools (working in collaboration with churches and other interested stakeholders) facilitate opportunities for the exploration of children’s faith/spiritual life in the home.

The research findings emerged from research focus group interviews with 450 participants (pupils, parents & staff), and an online survey with 1000 participants across 20 church primary schools in England.

Research team: Dr Ann Casson, Dr Sabina Hulbert, Dr Mary Woolley & Prof Bob Bowie

The Nexus Toolkit

A Nexus Toolkit has been created to support those who are involved with children's spiritual development and wellbeing within a Christian context.

  • The first Nexus animation is aimed at a general audience - it accompanies the main Faith in the Nexus report. The second animation has been developed to help parents/carers support their child's spiritual development. It highlights that all children have a spiritual life that drives them to seek meaning and purpose in life.
  • The PDF resources within the Nexus toolkit have been organised by the audience (home, school and church). Each pdf is evidenced-based, drawing on Nexus findings. They can be used independently or as a series of discussion sessions.

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