Introduction and How to Use this series of Documents

The following documents emerge from our TWCF-funded research project on The Beginning Teacher in the Science-Religion Encounter.

Due to ethical considerations, we were not able to share our data in raw form with interested parties. However, we hope to be as open as possible in our approach to sharing data.

These documents are therefore shared in that spirit of openness. They are not finished, polished, peer-reviewed documents. They do, however, reveal some of the processes and measures involved in collating a large research project.

They are available now on request only: or

  • Document A
    Executive Summary, is a series of executive summaries where, if you are unfamiliar with this work, you can get the gist of what we were setting out to achieve, how we went about it and the initial set of findings.
  • Document B
    Project Rationale, sets out the original intentions of the bid proposal and research design, encompassing all three funded sub-projects.
  • Document C
    Literature Review, is a review of literature in the area of science/religion encounters in education. It does not aim to be evaluative or critical, but rather acts as a summary of the literature in the area according to a variety of themes. It is a wide-ranging review and could prove very useful to those engaged in research around science/religion encounters in schools, or the education of teachers in this area.
  • Document D
    Methodology, is an account of the methods used in this research, focusing in particular on sub-project 2, the focus groups and online survey part of the research.
  • Document E
    Primary Focus Groups, is a collection of lightly-analysed qualitative data from the focus groups with student teachers training to work in primary schools.
  • Document F
    Secondary Focus Groups, is a collection of lightly-analysed qualitative data from the focus groups with student teachers training to work in secondary schools as teachers of science or religious education.
  • Document G
    Survey Findings, is the initial analysis of findings from the online survey carried out in Spring 2021.
  • Document H
    Bibliography and Selected References, is as expected. In order to avoid replication, the Bibliography and (pretty all-encompassing) Selected References document is included once as a separate document, rather than putting references at the end of each document.
  • Document I
    Appendices, includes the protocol used in the semi-structured Focus Groups and a version of the online survey questions.

The video material is available at the UK Data Archive here: 

Riordan, J. (2022). Video-Based Study of Classroom Pedagogy, 2019-2021. [data collection]. UK Data Service. SN: 854915, DOI: 10.5255/UKDA-SN-854915

Different citation style are available on the catalogue page at

We hope that you find these documents useful. They are shared in the spirit of Open Access and open access to data. If you find obvious errors, please do let us know by emailing or

We ask that you do not cite these draft papers without first seeking our consent.

This project has been funded by
Templeton World Charity Foundation